central heating installationsUpgrading your Central Heating can be the most cost effective way to improve your heating system and reduce wastage.

Nowadays people are looking to update their existing conventional tank fed system with a new sealed system combination boiler. The benefits of this are simple. You gain all the space taken up by the cold water storage tanks, hot water cylinder and all the controls. There’s no risk of the tanks overflowing and coming through the bedroom ceiling and destroying your computer or TV.

No more waiting for the hot water to heat up before you can run a bath or have a shower. No more noisy heating pump whirring away while you are in bed you will also gain more cupboard space.

No more showers with the really bad pressure that’s more like a drizzle than a shower. If you need to update your central heating Leeds then we can attend your property for a free estimate.

Why put up with that any longer when you can have a combination boiler installed and solve all these issues. Once you have the latest more efficient combination boiler installed you can benefit from all the extra space gained, instant hot water whenever you want day or night, more controls over the way you want the heating to work, more efficient, lower running cost, fresh clean water all year round out of all your taps, and above all – IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.
Talk to us without obligation about how easy it is to get all the comfort and benefits right away.

worcester bosch approved installer

A great benefit of having a Worcester Bosch boiler supplied and installed by Direct Heating Installations is that we can offer 5 years FREE warranty with all the Worcester Bosch boilers range. Also because you are buying a CORGI award winning boiler for the last 4 years running you will also have the peace of mind that all the work is under warranty for 5 years and the heat exchanger inside all the boilers come with an amazing 10 years guarantee.

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