Thermal Solar

Here at Direct Heating Installations love a bit of energy efficiency and there is no better way of heating your hot water than thermal solar panels.

This system is a lot less complicated than people realise.

All you need is a solar ready unvented hot water cylinder, pumping station, usually two solar panels facing South, South West and Direct Heating installations years of expertise and knowledge.

For domestic hot water there are three main components

  • Solar panels or collectors – are fitted to your roof. They collect heat from the sun’s radiation. There are 2 main types of collector:
    • Flat plate systems – which are comprised of an absorber plate with a transparent cover to collect the sun’s heat, or
    • Evacuated tube systems – which are comprised of a row of glass tubes that each contain an absorber plate feeding into a mainfold which transports the heated fluid.
  • A heat transfer system – uses the collected heat to heat water;
  • Hot water cylinder – stores the hot water that is heated during the day and supplies it for use later.

We use the Worcester Bosch Greenskies system

Here are some examples of Solar Installations below.

Solar Installation  Solar  File_002  File_003