4 Ways to Trend-Proof your Bathroom Design

4 Ways to Trend-Proof your Bathroom Design

According to research by AMA, the bathroom design market is set to grow. Twelve per cent over the next four years, in fact, in the bath and sanitaryware sector. So with this mind, it’s certainly clear that remodels are more popular than ever. But how can you keep a new bathroom looking fresh and not outdated just two years later?

From avoiding themes and investing in quality to playing around with features, here’s four ways that you can future-proof your new bathroom design.

Try to Avoid Trending Themes

The key to timeless bathroom design is knowing your own personal taste and sticking to it. Because it’s pointless designing a bathroom around a theme you don’t actually love. For instance, the Crittall-style is huge right now especially with matte black fittings but although the look is very striking, would you be happy to keep it long term? When you think ahead to five years time this can put things into perspective. And you’ll be glad you didn’t end up with a bathroom by jumping on the bandwagon.

Pick a Flexible Base Colour

When considering paint and tiles, in theory, you’d think they’d be simple to change. When actually put into practice, however, it can be a time-consuming task. Which is why it’s important to choose a scheme that can stand the test of time. Currently, neutral grey or beige is the go-to choice of the minute. Alternatively, black and white are classic, especially when paired together. For a splash of colour, simply add towels in your favourite shade of the moment.

Invest in a Quality Bathroom Suite

Chances are, the bathroom suite is going to be your most expensive purchase. So it’s important that you put plenty of thought into choosing a timeless style. Brands like GROHE, Vitra and Laufen are all leading bathroom designers. They also pledge a long-lasting impression and are, therefore, incredibly durable.

Have Fun with Accessories

Now you’ve got the basics sorted, it’s time to have fun with the accessories because remember if it’s easy to replace then absolutely anything goes! Feature mirrors are great, for example, for homing in on a look. Additionally, bathroom plants are huge as is quirky ladder-style shelving.

Future-Proof Bathroom Design with Direct Heating

Whilst none of us know what the future holds, especially with bathroom design, it makes life just that little bit easier by not having to renovate again. For example, who knows what’s around the corner and what you’ll need from your home. So why not start by planning ahead – contact our bathroom remodelling team. Thank you for reading.

4 Ways to Trend-Proof your Bathroom Design

4 Ways to Trend-Proof your Bathroom Design


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