Central heating tips for over the summer months

Central heating tips for over the summer months

Summer may seem like a crazy time to think about central heating but actually, it’s the perfect season for performing a heating health check! It may not seem very important, especially when it’s so hot outside but do this during the summer months and you should avoid any winter breakdowns.

From organising your annual boiler service to turning up your TRV valves, read on for our central heating tips for over the summer months.

Switch on the Central Heating

Switching on your central heating at least once a month during the summer season is a great way to get the hydraulic components moving. System inactivity is actually one of the biggest causes of boiler failure come the winter and it can be so easily avoided by getting into this habit. Simply switch on your central heating system every three or four weeks, leave to run for 10 minutes before switching back off again.

Turn TRV Valves up to Max

In warmer weather, TRV valves actually shut themselves down. This is perfectly normal, however, if they have been left on a low setting, the chances are they will become stuck in the off position once the central heating is turned back on. To avoid discovering any stone cold radiators when it gets to the Autumnal season, simply turn all valves up to the maximum setting while the system is laid dormant.  

Check your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Playing a very important role when it comes to protecting your home, it’s vital your Carbon Monoxide detector is fully operational. Although you may not necessarily be using any heating over the summer, your gas boiler will still be on producing hot water and you’ll also, more than likely, be using your cooker. Set some time aside this summer to check over your Carbon Monoxide alarm and it won’t let you down when you really need it the most.

Bleed all Radiators

Although your radiators won’t be the first things that spring to mind when the weather forecast predicts a heatwave, it’s always best they are bled thoroughly before being turned off for the summer. Any pockets of air left in the radiators over this time can cause airlocks or overheating. Oxygen in the radiators can also lead to hydrogen forming in the system which in turn can result in corrosion of your steel radiators or boiler components.

Book your Annual Boiler Service

Summer is a great time to book your annual boiler service – fact! If there are any problems with the central heating, we can also rectify them whilst the weather is still warm and you can head into the colder months with the confidence that your system has been thoroughly tested.  

We hope you have enjoyed reading our central heating tips for over the summer months. Thanks to our reputation as the top central heating company in Leeds and Harrogate, we’ve been given Approved Installer status from a variety of big industry names, including Worcester Bosch. We’re also here to help around the clock this summer and so if you need a boiler health check at any time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Summer summer summertime, time to check the central heating, sit back and then unwind. Thank you for reading.


Don’t forget to give your central heating system a summer health check.

Don’t forget to give your central heating system a summer health check.

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