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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
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High quality boiler installations Leeds
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5 Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Mrs Hinch Style

Who is Mrs Hinch?

Through her love of cleaning Mrs Hinch, has become an internet sensation and her 2 million followers on Instagram cannot get enough of this domestic goddess. Author of Hinch Yourself Happy, Mrs Hinch demonstrates how to achieve a sparkling clean home so crack out the marigolds and read on for some hacks to get your bathroom gleaming.

Clear The Clutter

First and foremost let’s start with the basics by removing any excess clutter. Because to give a bathroom the clean that it needs you need to take everything out. Remove all toiletries and pull out freestanding furniture, then use a long broom to sweep and dust. Then wipe cabinets and shelves with a mild detergent before tackling those bathroom taps.

Tackling Limescale On Taps

When it comes to tackling annoying limescale, try this inexpensive cleaning solution. Dilute equal parts of vinegar with water and decant into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on taps and accessories that have an obvious build-up of limescale. Then scrub with an old toothbrush or for more stubborn areas leave to soak for about an hour.

Be Smart With Your Bathroom Sink

Mrs Hinch is often renowned for her magic on the humble bathroom sink because instead of harsh chemicals, her weapon of choice is fragrant fabric softener. Start by pouring two capfuls into the sink and follow by filling with boiling water. Then allow this to soak for a couple of hours to remove any unwanted build up.

Gleaming Grout and Tiles

Treat old, stained grout the natural way with bicarbonate of soda. Just add one part water to the mix and leave for about 15 minutes. Once the mixture is ready, begin scrubbing your grout before rinsing with warm water. Another great product is No Nonsense Grout Cleaner which safely gets rid of mould and mildew.

Get Your Toilet and Shower Ship-Shape

Nobody ever likes cleaning the toilet so thankfully it doesn’t take long. Start by spritzing all surfaces with an antibacterial spray and leave for ten minutes before wiping. Alternatively, one favourite of Mrs Hinch is Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant. A Yorkshire brand this is made in Huddersfield by manufacturers Thornton & Ross. Then there’s the popular Minky M Cloth that makes light work of all tasks and Method shower spray to prevent soap scum. A squeegee is also a great investment for removing water droplets after showering.

Bathrooms Leeds | As Good As New For Years To Come

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our post on how to keep your bathroom gorgeous because a new install deserves regular care to keep it looking it’s best for longer. If you’re considering a bathroom refurb this year, at Direct Heating, we offer a full remodelling package. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements and organise floor plans and 3D drawings. Thank you for reading.

Bathrooms Leeds | 5 Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Mrs Hinch Style

5 Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Mrs Hinch Style.
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