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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
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High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Why and When Should You Service Your Domestic Boiler?

Like any appliance, a domestic boiler needs care from time to time and this is in the form of a boiler service by a Gas Safe engineer. Often, however, homeowners forget to book an appointment when they should but this can impact warranty and jeopardise the health of your heating system. So this week we’re looking at services and ideally, how regular they should be done. Read on for why and when you should service your domestic boiler.

A Domestic Boiler Service Keeps You Safe

One of the most hazardous problems a boiler can face is gas leaks from a faulty appliance. This can be catastrophic if left untreated i.e. carbon monoxide poisoning. Getting your boiler serviced will combat this, protecting you and also your family. Potential issues can be caught and then rectified before they pose a serious risk to health.

They Detect Issues and Can Save You Money

Not getting your domestic boiler serviced means small problems can easily become big. For example, a minor issue can escalate when it could have been fixed, resulting in huge repair costs. So it really is worth remembering to do to help avoid any future malfunctions. An annual service will also keep energy bills down and your boiler in tip-top condition.

An Annual Service Will Protect Your Warranty…

In terms of an optimal timeframe, a domestic boiler should be serviced on an annual basis. This is regular enough to limit any wear and keep the system in great condition. If your boiler is new then it’s annual service will be one year after the installation. It will also keep your warranty valid, including insurance – don’t forget to set that yearly reminder!

…You Should Also Service When You Move

As well as servicing your boiler annually you should also consider this when you move. Because how do you know when it was last done? It might not have ever been serviced before. By servicing your new home’s boiler you’ll avoid any problems left behind by the previous owners, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your new place before booking in again next year.

Service Your Domestic Boiler in Summer

As we have already mentioned servicing your boiler should be on the agenda for every year and one great tip is to plan ahead and arrange yours for during summer. With no immediate need for boilers and heating (well, unless the weather is like it is right now), you’ll find your heating engineer is slightly quieter than they would be during winter. If there is also an issue with the boiler, you’ll have time to fix before the colder months set in. Aim for July or August on an annual basis and your boiler will be ready for anything.

So there we have it, now you know why and when to service your boiler and we hope that you now have a clearer idea as to why it is so important. As boiler and heating specialists throughout Leeds, we offer servicing across a number of locations. So don’t wait for an issue, get yours booked in and protect your domestic boiler and your wallet! Thank you for reading.

Why and When Should You Service Your Domestic Boiler?
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