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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Everything you need to know about wet rooms

More than just heating engineers, did you know that at Direct Heating Installations, we also undertake full house renovation work, from building to plumbing, kitchens to bathrooms. And thanks to huge developments in both manufacturing and design, we have found that ultra modern wet rooms are more popular than ever before. Easy to maintain and extremely cutting edge, here’s everything you need to know about undertaking a wet room installation in your home.  

The difference between a wet room and a walk-in shower

The main difference between a wet room and a walk-in shower is in the insulation. In a true wet room, the space is completely open plan whereas a walk-in shower will feature a low-level shower tray. Because the water drops directly onto the floor with a wet room, we have to seal the entire splash area to prevent any leaks or damp getting into other parts of the home. Both options guarantee easy access and make a great statement in any modern bathroom or en-suite.

Can any home withstand a wet room?

The great news is that any home can indeed have a much sought after wet room. Basically shower rooms, wet rooms do away with the traditional shower screen and tray and include a fully open and tiled area. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, however, you’ll still need to opt for a shower screen to prevent everything in your new wet room from getting drenched.   

Vital drainage and waterproofing

Good drainage is vital for a modern wet room to work successfully and this is definitely a factor that concerns most homeowners. Definitely a job for the professionals, a gradient is created within the floor of the bathroom to ensure that water is channelled into the drain. The room is then fully tanked for absolute waterproofing of your new wet room. One good tip is to also raise the threshold of the bathroom door by about 5mm. If for whatever reason, someone happened to accidentally cover the shower drain and the bathroom flooded, this will keep the water contained within the room.

Advantages vs disadvantages

Now that you have more of an idea as to what a wet room is and how they are created, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of having one. If you have a small bathroom then a shower screen is a must for a wet room conversion. Well unless you want to end up with soggy toilet roll and damp towels. Critically, this is also a job for professionals and if the waterproofing isn’t carried out correctly, water leakage can cause significant damage. On the other hand, wet rooms are generally easier to clean, can help to increase the value of your home and are a super-stylish way of perfecting a contemporary bathroom. Underfloor heating is also recommended to make sure any pools of water are quickly dried up and that you are always stepping onto a cosy warm floor.    

Direct Heating for your wet room installation

Before you make the call to Direct Heating Installations, have a think about your new wet room scheme and how you would like the overall finish to look. Elements such as shelving and shower fittings will add your personal stamp so take your time whilst considering these smaller details. From lighting to tiles, our experienced wet room team are able to offer our expertise on the different design aspects available. We can even produce a 3D CAD drawing so that you get an idea of what your finished wet room will look like.   

To get your free quotation on a wet room installation by Direct Heating, simply book in your home visit by calling 0113 212 8077. Modern and sleek, a wet room will most certainly take your existing shower space to the next level.


Wet rooms by Direct Heating Installations
Wet rooms by Direct Heating Installations

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