Central Heating Leeds | 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in a Heatwave

Central Heating Leeds | 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in a Heatwave

Summer is finally here, the schools are closed and the paddling pools are out but as this week gets hotter many are wondering how they can keep their cool. Well, fear not guys as at Direct Heating, we have some helpful tips for you! Read on this week for advice to keep your home cool during a heatwave.

Close Curtains and Blinds

Ever been on holiday and noticed the locals keep their shutters down all day? Well, there’s a reason for this and you should too, it keeps heat out when it’s at its hottest. We know it’s very tempting to open curtains and blinds and keep windows ajar all-day but in doing so this is only going to make your home hotter than a greenhouse! Instead, keep them closed from morning to night, especially if you have any pets. Your family will thank you at the end of the day when your home is pleasant and cool.

Ditch The Oven

When the weather is hot, we naturally crave lighter foods like salads, which is just as well because a Sunday roast would be dreadful to cook in this heat. Avoid the oven and rustle up dinners like a salad with pre-cooked chicken and if you must cook food then use the microwave or BBQ for al-fresco dining.

Switch Off Lights and Gadgets

Incandescent bulbs are renowned for giving off excess heat so if you haven’t yet made the LED switch, stay cool and turn off lights. LED bulbs are fine as they don’t get hot, unlike other domestic gadgets. This is things like chargers for laptops and phones so switch them off overnight.

Cut Back On Steamy Appliances

After a hot day when the weather has cooled, it may be tempting to have a warm shower. This, however, will only cause steam which in turn will lead to excess humidity. Instead, turn the dial down and opt for tepid, it’s actually very refreshing to have a cool shower. Also, try to cut back on dishwashers and washers as these can also increase steam.

Crack The Hot Water Bottle Out

As crazy as it sounds these little gizmos do more than warming in winter. Use them in summer and they’re a lifesaver too when filled with ice-cold water. Top up from the tap and stick your bottle in the freezer for one or two hours, then get it back out and retreat to the shade with your fresh homemade ice pack.

Summertime Tips For Central Heating Leeds

We hope you have found this blog post helpful and are managing to keep yourself cool but if the nights are the worst maybe sleep downstairs, hot air rises and it can become stuffy. But needless to say, we don’t get this much often so let’s enjoy the sun whilst it lasts – also stay tuned for more tips from our heating experts over the summer period. Thank you for reading.

Central Heating Leeds | 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in a Heatwave.

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