Leeds Central Heating Help | My Boiler Pressure is too High!

Leeds Central Heating Help | My Boiler Pressure is too High!

What is Healthy Boiler Pressure?

There’s nothing worse than low boiler pressure, especially on a chilly day but what happens if it’s the opposite and the pressure is actually too high? When a boiler is healthy and also cold, you’ll find your gauge on the 1 to 1.5 bar but as the boiler starts up and the heating runs, the pressure can rise to 1.8. This peak in pressure is completely normal and caused by water expansion. When you should be concerned, however, is if the pressure continues and the reading goes up far more. In a scenario like this, it’s generally the case there’s a problem with a part or valve but don’t worry our knowledgeable gas engineers can get you back up and running in no time.

Why Boiler Pressure Can Rise

There are several factors, as we’ve just touched on, that can result in increased pressure but the most likely cause, other than normal startup, would be a problem with boiler parts. The expansion vessel and expansion tank must always be in mint condition. If not this is likely the source of your problem or there could be a defective valve or airlock. If you suspect high pressure it’s best, to get a second opinion from your engineer so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re worried about fixing the problem yourself.

How to Fix High Boiler Pressure

Fixing high boiler pressure is easy if you’ve recently repressurised your boiler. It may be that a valve has accidentally been left open or if not been knocked in some way. The first thing to do is check the valves are closed and see if this affects the pressure. Another idea is to bleed your radiators, as this can reduce the pressure in your system. Once you have started, continue the process until you have expelled all of the excess air. The pressure gauge should then return to safe levels but if not here’s where you’ll need some help.

Still Need Help With Your Boiler Pressure?

If bleeding your radiators doesn’t get the pressure down and your valves are all tightly shut, there may be a fault with the filling loop in which you will need a gas safe engineer. If you’re still worried about high boiler pressure, allow Direct Heating Installations to help. Whether a fault with a part or something less obvious, we’ll identify the problem through troubleshooting. If your boiler seems to be working properly then it is potentially safe for now but please make sure you don’t leave it too long for an appointment with a gas engineer. Thank you for reading.

My Boiler Pressure is too High

Leeds Central Heating Help | My Boiler Pressure is too High!

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