Small Bathroom Ideas to Create The Perception of More Space

Small Bathroom Ideas to Create The Perception of More Space

In 2013, RIBA carried out quite an interesting survey and it was found that new houses in some parts of Europe were up to 80% bigger than those in the UK. Of those that were also asked, fifty-seven per cent said they were lacking in storage space so this week we thought we’d focus our efforts on clever small bathroom ideas. Dealing with any small space can be a big challenge but don’t worry we’ve got you covered – have a read of this guide to help make the most of even the most awkward of compact bathrooms.

Slim and Compact Bathroom Fittings

In a tight bathroom space, compact fittings like WC’s and sinks work wonders. They’ll make the most of the limited space and ensure other parts of the room can be used for essentials like bathroom storage. Additionally, a floating sink will make a great option as visible flooring will open up the room. Then there are shower baths that provide the best of both worlds and make you feel like you’re not compromising.

Balance Storage with Room to Breathe

Now we’ve sorted the bathroom basics, let’s move onto storage. The trick here is to keep your floor space as free as possible and your small bathroom free of clutter. This is achievable by using the walls for towel racks, cupboards and shelving. Recessed wall shelves are another clever way, especially with ambient LED lighting.

White is Better than Bright

One of the most obvious of all small bathroom ideas is a palette of gentle white. This colour will not only give your bathroom a spacious look but it will also reflect the light instead of absorbing. Pale marble tiles also work well, especially if you find white a little stark. Then there’s warm beige tiles and even concrete for a bathroom that’s as seamless as possible.

Open up the Room with Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are one of the best hacks for enhancing a restricted space. Go as large as you can over the bathroom sink to bounce light and give a hotel-like feel. Mirrored tiles will also increase space perception as will chrome fixtures and fittings like taps. For more ideas please check out this post and view a selection of stylish mirrors.

Maximise Natural Light

When exposed to light we all sleep better and soak up vitamin D so make the most of windows in your small bathroom and allow natural sunlight to flood the space. Light also gives the effect of more room so choose lightweight blinds for privacy. For a loft conversion try skylight windows for daylight without privacy issues.

Glass is Class

Last but not least for small bathroom ideas – choose sleek and functional glass. It’s a popular choice, especially for showers and does away with the old fashioned curtain! Not only does glass look contemporary, but it’s also hygienic and easy to clean. Glass features will also maximise a compact room and boost the feeling of light and space.

Small Bathroom Ideas with Direct Heating Installations

Thank you for reading this week’s post on savvy small bathroom ideas. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg and there’s plenty more that we could discuss. If your bathroom is cramped and you’re looking for ways to start enjoying the space, at Direct Heating we can plan you a functional new layout – there isn’t a small bathroom that has beaten us yet! Please get in touch to find out more.

Small Bathroom Ideas to Create The Perception of More Space.
Small Bathroom Ideas to Create The Perception of More Space.

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