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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Tile ideas for small bathroom spaces

When it comes to remodelling a small bathroom, experimenting with different tile ideas is certain to be your new best friend. Pick the right sort of tiles and you will take your modest bathroom from zero to hero. They will also work to reflect the light and create the impression of never-ending space.

At Direct Heating Installations, we love all kinds of renovations and so we’d like to help make your small bathroom appear much larger than it is. Whether your cloakroom or ensuite and no matter how compact it may be, here are three brilliant tile ideas for small bathroom spaces.

When space is tight reflect light

When looking at different tile ideas, bear in mind that the colour palette you choose will have a huge impact on your small bathroom. It’s therefore generally a good idea to stick to neutral and light coloured tiles and in particular, grey, white, cream and beige. Neutral colours are also big team players and should you come to sell your home, viewers are more likely to approve of these shades. Another great way to create the illusion of more space is by harnessing good old natural light. Opt for tiles that are gloss in finish or look to include a mirror that will reflect the light more. When it also comes to the actual size of your tiles, try and stick with a fairly reasonable size. Remember, the more grout, the more cluttered and the busier your small bathroom will end up looking.

Patterned tile ideas

Don’t worry, we’re not saying cover your walls in some kind of busy vintage print. Statement patterns are strictly best kept for your floor tiles but when paired with white gloss metro wall tiles, will make for a striking small bathroom look. Not only that, the effect will be so gorgeous, you’ll hardly notice how small your bathroom is anyway. One other advantage to choosing patterned floor tiles for a small bathroom is that the square footage is so little, you also won’t be afraid to go more experimental. Every cloud and all that…

Trick of the eye tile ideas

Do we have any fans of optical illusions? Well, this tile ideas section has been written especially for you. One trade secret to making a small bathroom appear bigger is to use the same type of tiles for both the walls and the floor. If you also have a bath, try tiling the side of this too and by doing so, you’ll make it hard for the eye to distinguish between the surfaces. Materials such as marble, concrete and stone will work really well for this continuous run of tiles idea. Not only will they give a lovely spa-like finish, the end result, of course, is the perception of more valuable space.  

So there we have it, three simple tile ideas that, when done right, will help make your small bathroom feel much roomier. Ultimately, however, it’s your bathroom and it’s also your call but if you try and stick to these following basics, we promise you’ll find your perfect tiles.

Don’t let dark colours overpower the space

Opt for tile ideas that help to bounce light around the room

If you have any cool tile ideas of your own, please feel free to get in touch with our Direct Heating Installations team. Alternatively, why not leave us a nice message in the comments section below! And remember, preparation is key so make every inch count when it comes to tiling your small bathroom space.


Clever tile ideas for small bathroom spaces
Clever tile ideas for small bathroom spaces

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