What is a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?

What is a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?

A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate Explained

If you’re a landlord you are required by law to have any gas appliances checked and serviced. This is as stated in the 1998 Gas Safety Regulations and must be on an annual basis. A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate is basically a report to list all of the inspections carried out and it proves gas appliances, fittings and flues have been checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Once your gas safety check has been completed, you will receive your certificate and you will need to provide a copy of this to your tenants within twenty-eight days. A copy must also be given to any new renters should your old tenants move and it’s really important that any old copies are kept for at least two years.

Gas Safety Check Inspections

Before your certificate can be produced your engineer will carry out some important inspections. This includes checking appliances for their gas tightness and also the standing and working gas pressure (only if the test points are available). Other checks include comparing gas pressure against the manufacturer’s data plate. Additionally, they’ll check safety devices are working and that appliances have an adequate air supply. Finally, they’ll make sure any chimneys and flues enable appliances to emit gas safely. They’ll also look out for the misuse of any appliances and remove as they see fit.

How Much Does a Gas Safety Certificate Cost?

When it comes to the cost of a gas safety check there is currently no fixed price. It will depend on the company that you choose to use, prices are not regulated by the Gas Safe Register. Costs, however, can start from around £35 + vat but again it’s dependable on the number of appliances your engineer will need to check.

CP12 vs a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate

In the trade, gas safety certificates are sometimes referred to as CP12s. It is, however, just an old term and they both do mean the same thing. Both contain all results of an annual gas safety check and should be provided along with records of any remedial action taken. If required, they can also be sent by email to keep for your landlord records. If you’re a homeowner, however, you’ll need to request your copy as they’re not always sent as standard.

Landlord’s and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

As a landlord, you must provide a working carbon monoxide detector. They must also be included in all inhabited room’s and where solid fuel is being used. For example, this could be a log burning stove, a wood burner or gas fire but an open fire that’s used for decoration only is exempt from this rule.

Details You’ll Find On Your Gas Safety Certificate

Once you’ve received your landlord certificate you’ll notice some specific details recorded. This includes the address of the property inspected and any defects and rectifications. Your engineer’s registration number, name and signature will also be included which is required by law to ensure that they’re acting under the Gas Safe Register. The name of the landlord and their individual address will also be included on the certificate and this is along with a description of each appliance and flue inspected by the engineer.

Book a Landlord Check With Direct Heating

Thank you for reading this week’s post; what is a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate? As you will now know these are a legal requirement if you’re a landlord with rental properties. With over 15 years’ of experience helping landlords maintain gas safety, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for a fully certified Gas Safe inspection!

What is a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?
What is a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?

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