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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Why are my radiators cold and what is Powerflushing?

That awkward moment when your radiators start playing up. One minute your happily watching TV, the next, there’s a chill in the air and upon inspection, you find that the heater has gone completely stone cold. But what causes radiators to lose their heat in the first place and is there anything that you can do to prevent it? At Direct Heating Installations, we will bend over backwards to ensure our customers are kept warm and that includes educating you on the potential reasons for problematic radiators. Before you request a visit from one of our professional heating engineers, identify why your radiators may have gone cold by using our handy guide.     

Central Heating Boiler

First and foremost, go and investigate your boiler. It may sound simple but sometimes the most obvious of things can easily be overlooked. If all of your radiators are cold and you suspect the issue is definitely stemming from the boiler, for example, any strange noises or error codes showing, now would be a good idea to get in touch with Direct Heating Installations.

Trapped Air

If you are confident the central heating is working but one or more of your radiators are only partially heating up, the most common reason for this is trapped air. If you have an air pocket within a radiator, it will actually prevent hot water from circulating properly and it means that the radiator will need to be bled. It’s also really easy to bleed a radiator. With the heating turned off and using your radiator key, simply unscrew the bleed screw until you hear a hissing noise. The noise will then start to fade and make way for a little water coming from the radiator. This is when you should close the bleed screw again and give yourself a pat on the back for fixing an air bubble in your radiator. Well done.  

Radiator Valves

If a radiator appears to be cold all over, it’s worth checking out the valves on either side. To function properly, water needs to be able to get in and out of the radiator so make sure both of these valves are open. If they are but your radiator still remains cold, the valves may be blocked with limescale and require flushing out. If you have a thermostatic valve (one that allows you to adjust the temperature automatically), these also have a tendency to seize up and cause your radiator to stop working. If this is the case you will definitely need a visit from Direct Heating Installations.

Debris Build-Up

Another factor that can result in radiator problems is a build up of debris. The big giveaway is having radiators that are warm at the top but cold at the bottom as this is where oxidised iron filings will have gathered. Powerflushing, however, helps to remove the debris and sludge that has built up over time and become stuck in your central heating system. By utilising our MagnaClean® PowerFlushing Filter, not only will this help to improve the efficiency of your system, it will also save you money in the long-run on heating and repairs.

Why are my radiators cold and what is Powerflushing

Direct Heating for your Radiators

If you’re still baffled as to what is causing your radiators to be cold, enlist the help of professional heating engineers, Direct Heating Installations. As the next step up from a one-man band in terms of availability, we are a compassionate, close-knit team with fantastic customer service at the forefront of everything we do. To obtain your free Powerflushing quotation or for help and advice on your central heating system, please get in touch with Direct Heating Installations. Because after all, life is so much better when it’s warmer.   

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