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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
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High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Why Energy-Efficient Commercial Heating is Crucial for Nursing Homes

A Rise in Age and Costs

According to a report by Age UK it is estimated that there are around 426,000 elderly people currently in nursing homes. This figure is expected to rise and alarmingly, alongside increasing energy bills. It’s, therefore, clear that costs need cutting without compromising on care and the answer may lay in the commercial heating that is used to heat the building.

Energy Habits of Care Homes

Nursing homes are open all hours, providing round-the-clock care so energy usage is likely to be one of the businesses greatest expenses. Residents and staff are also always in so the heating needs to be on continually. This includes all bedrooms and communal spaces to ensure a pleasant environment. According to the Carbon Trust, however, the UK’s healthcare sector spends over £400 million per year on energy and a lot of this is unfortunately wasted meaning a lot of money is being wasted too. That said, there are cost-efficient measures available to care homes, that can save on overall running costs. They can even help to improve surroundings and exceed residents expectations.

Implementing Energy Efficiency in Care Homes

Because it’s essential for residents to keep warm with hot showers available on demand care home facilities usually have large boilers that service the entire building. Heating is, therefore, responsible for 70% of a care home’s energy bills so look at replacing an old inefficient boiler and install Low-H20 radiators. With such a demand on the central heating, nursing homes should also have adequate insulation. So that’s walls, roofs and other cavities to prevent precious heat from escaping. Reducing the thermostat by just one degree can additionally result in savings and when money is saved it can be used elsewhere such as a new sun terrace or crafts room!

Renewable Commercial Heating

Solar panels are great for care homes and can take advantage of incentive schemes. Renewable energy will also protect the long-term interest of a care home and its residents. At Direct Heating, we love saving energy and exploring new technologies so if you’d like to discuss thermal solar panels, it’s less complicated than most business owners realise. Fitted to your roof they collect the heat from the sun to in turn heat the water. A hot water cylinder then stores the hot water to be kept for later use.

Commercial Heating Solutions for Nursing Homes

At Direct Heating, we can provide the installation and maintenance of commercial heating. So if you operate a care home in the Leeds and surrounding areas it’d be great to hear from you. With over 15 years of central heating and helping business owners save money on energy bills, look no further than our experienced team for commercial heating for care homes. Please get in touch to book a no obligation site visit and survey.

energy effiency nursing homes commercial heating
Why energy-efficient heating is crucial for nursing homes.
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