What are the Benefits of an Annual Boiler Service?

What are the Benefits of an Annual Boiler Service?

Boilers are valuable and one of the most vital appliances within the home but just like a car they need to be serviced to keep them operating at their best. An annual boiler service also reduces the risk of any future breakdowns and protects from scary gas leaks that could potentially be fatal. The added benefits of having your boiler serviced really do stack up so let’s explore them more in full to keep it working all year round.

Regular Servicing Keeps You Safe

Defective boilers can cause fires or worse, even deadly gas leaks and it is said that around 250,000 homes are at risk from this silent killer. An annual service will, therefore, ensure your boiler’s components are operating safely. Our gas engineers will check for weak parts and replace any where necessary.

An Annual Boiler Service Validates Warranty

When you purchase a new boiler this comes with a warranty, whether seven or ten years but here’s a catch, it’s not valid unless your boiler is annually serviced. It will, however, protect from breakdowns for the duration of your boiler’s lifetime so it’s well worth getting and servicing yearly to keep your boiler guarantee intact.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

If energy bills are driving you mad an annual boiler service can help. Ensuring your boiler is as effective as possible it can also prevent wasted fuel from heating. This can result in up to 15% improved boiler efficiency which will impact on bills and your environment for a happier, warmer home.

Less Chance of Breakdowns

By booking an annual boiler service you’ll benefit from reliable heating because breakdowns will be minimised and any minor problems easier to fix. As a result, you’ll always have heating and hot water year on year. We can even remind you by letter each year when it’s time for your boiler service.

Summer Boiler Servicing

Why service your boiler in summer you say? Well, it has its advantages! Because when the cold snap hits so do bookings for annual boiler servicing. Most heating engineers are inundated with calls and services throughout winter so it’s likely you will have to wait if there’s a problem with your hot water or heating. Alternatively, book your service now and pick the ideal time. Then kick back and relax all through winter with energy efficient heating.

Book an Annual Boiler Service

Besides booking your annual boiler service, there are a few other things you can do. Simple measures like regular testing and installing a carbon monoxide alarm. Boilers are also technical things and therefore, should only be looked at by a qualified professional so why not make time for a boiler service and speak with our team today? A Worcester Accredited Gold Installer we can help increase your boiler’s lifespan. Our servicing is also flexible and hassle-free, why not book in your AM or PM appointment? Thank you for reading.

What are the Benefits of an Annual Boiler Service?

What are the Benefits of an Annual Boiler Service?

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