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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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5 Common Causes of Leeds Boiler Breakdowns

When it comes to Leeds boiler breakdowns, don’t worry we’ve seen it all. It’s also generally better they happen in summer to avoid being cold in winter. If you suspect a problem with your heating it’s always better to be prepared so here are 5 common causes and what can lead to Leeds boiler breakdowns.

Problems With Boiler Pump

If you have a new condensing model, there’s probably a condensation pipe at the back of your boiler. If this is uninsulated and the temperature drops, this could freeze and cause your boiler to fail. Obviously, we’re now in the middle of May so this isn’t an imminent issue but to avoid it happening during winter you’ll want to ensure you properly insulate the pipe.

Boiler Age

A boiler breakdown can often be caused by the age of the actual appliance. This is because rust and corrosion can build-up and spread over the course of your boilers lifetime. The older the boiler, the bigger the risk, especially with an earlier model. Mechanical failure then spells the end, leaving no heat or hot water.

Issue With Gas Supply

An issue with your gas supply can result in Leeds boiler breakdowns. Although not obvious, it can be dangerous because gas might be leaking. If you think this is the case, never attempt to relight the pilot light yourself. Instead, call an engineer to ensure your boiler’s safety is restored.

The Boiler Fan

One other problem that can cause breakdowns is a malfunction of the boiler fan. If broken or if it has seized-up, this would cause the boiler to function improperly. The good news is that fans can be replaced or even repaired if this is possible. Just never attempt to do this yourself, boiler fans can cause injury!

Leaking Water Pipes

Last but not least one other issue could be with the water pipes. If they are cracked and leaking this will result in a loss of boiler pressure. Consequently, this can affect the overall performance of your boiler. If water is leaking but you’re unaware it could also be costing you money in the process.

Direct Heating for Leeds Boiler Breakdowns

So now you know about some of the issues that can cause Leeds boiler breakdowns but these can never be certain, of course, without a proper inspection. Here at Direct Heating, we offer boiler repairs in Leeds and the surrounding areas and we also offer new boiler installations, if the problem cannot be fixed.

As boilers are very complex creatures, it’s always better to seek professional help. So please get in touch if you’re experiencing problems with your domestic boiler. Thank you for reading.

5 Common Causes of Leeds Boiler Breakdowns.

5 Common Causes of Leeds Boiler Breakdowns.
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