Bathroom Design Leeds | How to Plan for Longevity

Bathroom Design Leeds | How to Plan for Longevity

When it comes to enduring bathroom design it’s key to not rely on fashion. You should also use quality fittings that wear very well to keep the room looking as good as new. So this week we’ve compiled some of our top tips for bathroom design with longevity. Read on to establish a timeless look that may even add house value.

Invest in a Great Quality Bathroom Suite

First and foremost your home is a haven and deserves a top-notch bathroom. Don’t scrimp on the suite as you’ll regret this later when it prematurely begins to look dated. Our top tip is to opt for a bathroom that delivers elegance and a sense of quality. It may cost you more upfront but in the long run, less if you go for an option with durable style.

Opt for Polished Chrome

Brass or matt black bathroom fittings may seem irresistible now but will you love these finishes in five years time? Only choose them if the answer is yes. Polished chrome, on the other hand, is pretty impossible to get bored of. Co-ordinating well with pretty much any scheme, it will ensure a stylish bathroom for years to come.

Avoid Loud Colours and Faddy Patterns

They say less is often more and when it comes to bathroom design, keeping it simple will speak volumes. So steer away from over the top colour and patterns that you will definitely get sick of quickly. If you must have a theme, vintage is timeless, as we discuss a little lower down. Pair with neutral hues to promote harmony and thoughtful pieces that make a statement.

Organic Materials Work

There is nothing more satisfying than a relaxing soak in your tub after a long day so consider natural materials like faux-wood tiles or a marble finish to bring balmy tones. Organic elements will help to aid relaxation which is key for timeless bathroom design. A storage cabinet in a similar finish will also help to hide unsightly clutter.

Vintage Lasts

If a dash of pattern is very you a vintage look will work. This guarantees a decor that’s not only timeless but it will also boast character and class. Introduce a roll top bath as a focal point with retro patterned floor tiles. Ornate mirrors will also look great and will be in keeping with a vintage feel.

Inspiration for Bathroom Design Leeds

Thank you for reading this week’s post on designing a bathroom for longevity. If you can’t resist including a trend here are some of the best new looks for your space. At Direct Heating, we’re also on hand to give you inspiration for the perfect design so please in touch if you’d like to discuss an upcoming bathroom project. Thank you for reading.

Bathroom Design Leeds

Bathroom Design Leeds | How to Plan for Longevity


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