Bathroom Heating | A Guide to Buying a New Towel Rail

Bathroom Heating | A Guide to Buying a New Towel Rail

Once seen as a luxury, heated towel rails are now key to modern bathroom heating so this week we thought we’d talk you through a guide to buying the perfect model. Providing vital heating for when you’re bathing so towels are nice and warm when you climb out, read on for what you need to consider when it comes to an up-to-date version.

Heated Element or Central Heating

First things first, you need to decide whether your towel rail will be connected to the central heating. If not a heated element can be used instead which uses electrical heat. The main difference between the two is that an electrical version doesn’t need to have the heating on to work. Homeowners sometimes opt for this choice for the fact that towels are still able to dry during the summer months.

Location of Bathroom Heating

When it comes to the position of bathroom heating, ideally it should be fitted on the coldest wall of the room. Usually, the wall with the window is a good choice or at least one of your bathrooms external walls. This will ensure that heat is properly distributed which improves efficiency and guarantees warmth. Most, modern houses, however, are well insulated so if this isn’t possible it won’t matter too much.

Heat Output and Size

Before you can decide on the size of towel rail, you’ll first need to decide on your heating usage. Are you buying one for the main bathroom with multiple towels or do you need one for a small ensuite? A towel rail’s BTU output (British Thermal Unit) will also give you an indication of the heat output. Then there’s the projection to consider so that it isn’t an obstruction in a limited space.

Floor-Standing or Wall-Mounted Bathroom Heating

Depending on the amount of space you have in your bathroom, floor-standing and wall-mounted towel rails exist. Wall-mounted is more ideal when space is restricted like a cloakroom or small ensuite. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or don’t know what you need, please get in touch as we can help! We’re up to date with the trends for towels rails and never short of bathroom heating solutions.

Colour, Finish and Style

Last but not least here’s the fun part, picking your favourite style! Choose from crisp white-painted or shiny chrome-plated depending on your personal taste. The mirrored towel rail was first mass-produced when it made the jump from hotels into our homes. To this day it’s still a popular choice and pairs well other stainless steel finishes.

Get a Quote on Stylish Bathroom Heating

There are various types of heated towel rails for adequate bathroom heating. For instance, matte black bathroom fittings are big and will look best with a matching towel rail. If you prefer white or chrome-plated, we additionally have many classic designs for you to browse so speak with our Bathroom Design team and choose your favourite for an upgrade of your bathroom heating. Thank you for reading.

Bathroom Heating | A Guide to Buying a New Towel Rail
Bathroom Heating | A Guide to Buying a New Towel Rail.

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