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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Everything You Need to Know About Home Insulation

Everything You Need to Know About Home Insulation.

Heat loss is where heat from your home escapes through the walls or roof. A home with a high heat loss can cost you money but the good news is that there are some steps you can take. Home insulation can reduce heat loss and lower your heating bills. Read on this week as we look at how this can be done in every part of your home.

Roof and Loft Home Insulation

In an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat is generally lost through the roof so insulating your loft or flat roof is key to combatting big bills. Great loft insulation should typically last you around forty years or so. If you also have no damp problems and your loft is easy to access, you might even be able to install it yourself.

Cavity and Solid Wall

According to Energy Saving Trust, a third of heat escapes through cavity walls but insulate properly and you’ll cut costs off your heating bill whilst saving energy. Houses built from 1990 generally have wall insulation already but if your home is older it might not have any – pre-1920’s homes have solid walls. Solid walls, can still be insulated, either internally or externally, however, it can cost more than a standard cavity wall but at least you’ll stay warm and cosy.

Home Insulation for Tanks, Pipes and Radiators

Pipe lagging is a special type of insulation for water pipes. It keeps heat in and so it’s useful for preventing pipes from freezing and bursting. Then there’s water tank insulation so you spend less on heating your water up. Insulating behind radiators is also a great idea to reflect the heat heading out of the wall.


Insulating the ground floor is one great way to keep your property warm. This can actually save up to £40 on home heating and on an annual basis. The upper floors generally don’t need their floor space insulating, however, you should consider any rooms above unheated spaces like the garage which is a heat loss culprit.

Draught-Proofing, Damp and Condensation

Other than home insulation, draught-proofing is one of the most effective ways to save energy. Draught-free homes are also more comfortable at lower temperatures so you may even be able to turn your thermostat down. Then there’s damp and condensation solutions to prevent all sorts of moisture problems. Moisture can get into your home in any number of ways like poorly fitted windows and doors.

Consider Using Efficient Heating Methods

In addition to home insulation, efficient heating will also reduce your energy consumption. When your heat loss is low, you require less heating and overall it won’t cost as much. For instance, underfloor heating will provide a comfortable home but not overly warm so you open windows. Leaving windows ajar will only result in heat loss because the indoor air feels stuffy.

Thank you for reading this week’s post which discusses home insulation. If you’d like more advice on staying warm in winter, why not have a read of our earlier post? If you’re additionally interested in getting a quote on an efficient home heating method, please get in touch to speak with our team and discuss the various options available. Thanks again.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Insulation.
Everything You Need to Know About Home Insulation.
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