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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
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High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Bathrooms Leeds | Planning for Spring Renovations

With Christmas only 6 weeks away many of us are preparing for the holiday season. At Direct Heating, on the other hand, we’re looking further forward to the Spring. When it comes to renovating a bathroom, the timing is often crucial which is why we recommend planning for the work 10-12 weeks in advance. Preparation is additionally critical for those with only one bathroom and it will also help to prevent any mistakes later on down the line.

If you’re considering a renovation in Spring 2019, read on to plan for a bathroom that’ll truly make a splash.

Assess your needs and budget

In terms of what you want out of your bathroom, what is it you hope to achieve? Are you looking for a place to relax or does the bathroom need to fulfil more family orientated demands? Whatever your new bathrooms purpose, this will affect the fixtures and fittings which is why you’ll also need to consider your budget for the work. Because there are also many different options when it comes to bathroom specifications, it’s very easy to get carried away once the renovation is in progress. One tip to avoid this, however, is by working out your priorities, then write down a budget and stick to it for a smooth remodelling process.

Get inspired

Next up, you’ll need to seek out a bit of inspiration on the exciting subject of bathroom design. It’s your bathroom, therefore it’s your taste, whether classic, period-style or contemporary. One great way to explore bathroom trends is by flicking through interiors magazines such as Ideal Home and House Beautiful. A Pinterest mood board is also a really great way of expressing your ideal vision.

Consider storage, lighting and tiling

They say that storage is the key to success when it comes to great bathroom design and at Direct Heating, we are full of ideas such as discreet wall recesses. When deciding on lighting also remember that most bathrooms are next to a bedroom. Lighting, therefore, should be considered carefully so as not to wake the person next door. Next, have a think about the tiling and what style will work best for your vision. Patterns are great for large open spaces or concrete for a spa-like finish.

Factor in the work

Knowing in advance the date of your renovation will help massively once work commences. You’ll also want to take steps to minimise inevitable mess such as covering stairs and hallways. How long you’ll have to deal without a shower or bath also depends on the scale of the work. A small renovation, for instance, may only take a couple of days whereas a larger bathroom much longer.

Direct Heating for bathrooms Leeds

The sooner you plan for a spring renovation the better you’ll cope with the upheaval. So start by talking with the best Leeds contractors that are Direct Heating Installations. We will help plan your bathroom, around your ideas and be sure to point out anything problematic. We’re also up to speed with the latest industry trends to ensure your renovation is current.

If you’d like to discuss a spring bathroom renovation with Direct Heating Leeds, please get in touch here or why not give us a call and speak with our remodelling team, 0113 212 8077.

Bathrooms Leeds: Planning for Spring Renovations.
Bathrooms Leeds: Planning for Spring Renovations.


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