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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Home heating tips to stay warm this winter

Did you know that in Britain, the average family household switches their heating on in October and uses it daily right up until March or even April? So, central heating boilers, they work pretty hard, right? Which is why making a few simple changes can make all the difference to your environment.

From stylish stoves to watching your thermostat, here are some home heating tips for staying warm this winter… 

Draught-proof your home and insulate

In terms of central heating, a staggering 25% of it is actually lost through the roof of your home. We know, heartbreaking, isn’t it? According to Energy Saving Trust, however, this can easily be reduced by installing 250mm of insulation throughout your loft. Although not cheap to install it could save you up to £160 a year in heating bills and your energy supplier may even offer a scheme too. One other simple solution to keep your home warm during winter would be to drought-proof your doors, windows and cracks in the floor before winter properly kicks in. With Energy Saving Trust estimating that this could save up to £25 per year, you save energy and save money, an all-around win-win.

Get a Worcester Greenstyle Stove

Worcester Bosch certainly has a reputation for innovation which is why we just love their range of Greenstyle Stoves. Beautifully crafted, in either a traditional or contemporary design, Worcester’s wood-burning stoves have been created to make a statement whether for your living room, study or cosy TV nook. Each stove is designed, manufactured, tested and trialled to meet the standards Worcester are known for. They’re therefore the perfect choice for any home this winter, whether you prefer the Hanbury or the Bewdley.

Turn down your thermostat

OK, sounds a little crazy we know but hear us out. It was previously declared that a living room should have a minimum temperature of 21°C. Public Health England actually then revised this to 18°C in 2014 with research showing that turning your thermostat down by just 1°C could cut heating bills by up to 10%. So, in a nutshell, keep your dial on a constant 18°C, save money and also stay warm – result.

Book in a boiler service

Because our boilers work so hard for us, like anything they need a little maintenance. By booking in an annual boiler service, not only will it ensure your system runs more efficiently but it will also save you money, compared to an unserviced boiler that continually breaks down. If you’d like to book your service in with us please drop us a line and don’t forget that it’s vital to use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Install thermostatic radiator valves (AKA TRV’s)

The University of Salford recently showed that installing heating controls and thermostatic radiator valves results in energy savings of 40% compared to a house with no controls. It works by allowing you to programme your heating to come at predetermined times so you only use energy as and when you need it. Also, ever heard of Hive Active Heating™? Using a smart thermostat to control your heating from your phone or tablet can actually make saving energy now even easier. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on this soon…

Home heating tips Leeds

Thank you for reading our home heating tips and hopefully, you have everything you need to stay warm this winter. If you’re concerned about anything we have mentioned in this post, whether heating or energy we are more than happy to have a chat.

With a passion for keeping Leeds cosy in winter, the days might be cold but our hearts are still warm…

Home heating tips to stay warm this winter
Home heating tips to stay warm this winter


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