Boiler Repair Leeds | 4 signs your system is heading for a breakdown

Boiler Repair Leeds | 4 signs your system is heading for a breakdown

We’re now well on the way to winter and many will have switched on the central heating but after months of inactivity, this can put pressure on the boiler. If you have a regular service plan, this should prevent any inconveniences. Winter, however, is notorious for heating issues, so expect the unexpected.

If a potential boiler breakdown is keeping you up at night, knowing the signs to look out for could stop problems in their tracks…

A Buildup of Sludge

If your radiators are feeling tepid, this could be down to an accumulation of sludge within the system. This residue is generally a build-up of oxidised iron filings and if left untreated, prevents the flow of water that keeps your radiators warm. A powerflush to the system is generally the answer here, or if the pump happens to be defective, this will need repairing or replacing. If you have your suspicions that something is amiss it’s definitely better to be safe than to be sorry. A build-up of oxidised sludge can be detrimental to a boilers health. It can even affect the efficiency meaning higher fuel bills!

Leaks and Drips

The reasons why a boiler might be leaking or dripping can often be hard to pinpoint. This is because it depends on where the water is leaking from which will also determine the cause. If water is pooling from the bottom of the unit it’s likely there’s a leak in the system. System leaks can additionally lead to more serious problems and should only be looked at by a professional. Other signs to look for if you suspect a system leak would be a drop in the water pressure or strange boiler noises…

Low Boiler Pressure

Low boiler pressure can be caused by a number of different factors so a good place to start would be by checking the pressure gauge. If you can see that the gauge has dropped below 1 this could also well signify a leak within the system. One way to know for sure, however, would be by repressurising the boiler and if it drops down again we recommend a call to our team.

Frozen Pipes

And finally onto the big bad wolf of winter breakdowns now; dreaded frozen pipes! Frozen pipes in cold weather is one of the most common boiler problems. This is because most of us use condensing boilers which feature an external pipe. During extreme weather conditions, this pipe can become frozen and the likely result of this would be no heating or hot water. If you suspect you have frozen pipes, do not attempt to thaw them yourself. You could end up doing even more damage so it’s better to get a second opinion.

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Boilers can be such fickle things and the cold season is no exception. To cover all bases, we, therefore, recommend booking in a service. Not only will this guarantee peace of mind throughout winter, but it will also enable us to pick up on any problems before the situation can get worse. At Direct Heating, we are always happy to help, however, so if you suspect your boiler is on the verge of a breakdown we offer boiler repairs in Leeds so you won’t suffer for long!

Boiler Repair Leeds | 4 signs your system is heading for a breakdown

Boiler Repair Leeds | 4 signs your system is heading for a breakdown

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