Boilers Leeds: should you repair or replace?

Boilers Leeds: should you repair or replace?

Your boiler keeps you warm when it’s cold outside so the prospect of a winter breakdown can often be stress-inducing. It’s therefore vital your boiler is kept healthy, through regular annual services. But should the worst happen there are many different circumstances that will determine your choice of action.

It’s not always clear whether to replace a boiler or book in a simple repair. We’ve therefore put together this handy guide to help with your decision…

Is Your Boiler Safe?

When it comes to domestic boilers, yours and your families safety is paramount. If the boiler is old, it may no longer meet modern laws on safety and operation and it may even be at risk of producing poisonous carbon monoxide. One of the first things we recommend would be to contact your local heating professional. They will then be able to advise whether or not it should be fixed or replaced.

How Common Are Breakdowns?

Over time, the cost of boiler breakdowns can start to mount up, especially if it’s a much older model. It can also leave you feeling on edge and worrying when it’s going to go next. If boiler breakdowns have become a regular occurrence, a replacement would be the best course of action. The new model will also require much less upkeep and promise improved heating control.

Think Over Repair Costs

In terms of some older boiler models, their parts are not always available. As a result, repair costs may be significantly higher, even if it doesn’t solve the problem. By assessing the potential repair cost you’ll know which outcome is best for you. And if a straight swap is starting to look tempting, our 10-year guarantee may seal the deal.

Consider Efficiency Savings

One other thing to think about is the performance of your boiler because even if it can be fixed, newer models are more efficient. Not only that, you may save money in the long run by installing an energy efficient boiler. They also heat rooms up much quicker and do a better job in general. If you’re experiencing problems with a newer model of boiler, then it’s probably worth having your engineer take a look. In this situation, a repair would be best to get it working again quickly.

Boilers Leeds Repairs or Replacements

When it comes to replacing or repairing your boiler, ultimately, it’s your decision. If your boiler is new and usually reliable, however, then it’s unlikely you’ll need a replacement. If you’re still unsure what to do with your boiler, we’re more than happy to help. Specialising in Boilers Leeds throughout our much-loved city, we’ll ensure your heating is tip top for winter.

Boilers Leeds: should you repair or replace?

Boilers Leeds: should you repair or replace?

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