Five signs you need a new boiler installation

Five signs you need a new boiler installation

It’s funny to think that only a generation ago, a new boiler installation was not commonplace. These days, however, it’s one of our most used appliances and so regular maintenance is often key. Like anything, boilers can be unpredictable therefore it’s handy to know when best to take action. If your boiler is prone to some strange behaviour, here’s five tell-tale signs it’s time to invest in a new model…

Boiler is over 10 years old

They say all good things come to an end and when it comes to domestic boilers they’re not wrong there. Even if your boiler doesn’t seem to be displaying any obvious faults, if your boiler is over ten years old then it’s a good idea to start shopping around. Old models just cannot compare to the efficiency levels of newer models and more importantly their health and safety too. Additionally, technology has really moved on with the markets latest smart control options.

Odd smells or noises

A boiler that is in good condition will never emit any smell and if it does then you’ll need to get this investigated by your professional heating engineer. A noisy boiler is also an obvious indication that a new model may be required. For instance, if you hear any banging, clunking or even whirring, this could signal a number of boiler issues.

Radiators taking forever to heat up

Do your radiators take ages to get to a good temperature or are you having to wrap up more than you’d like? On the one hand, it could mean your heating system is filled with sludge and therefore requires a powerflush but on the other, it could be on its way out. It’s good to remember that a healthy boiler should be able to produce heat almost instantly so if you want to ditch those fluffy socks a complete replacement may be the answer.

Regular breakdowns

If it seems that every other week you’re having to top up the pressure of your boiler or speak to your professional heating engineer, the money you are spending on quick fixes could be better spent elsewhere. At Direct Heating, we can provide a free boiler quotation that has absolutely no obligation. So if things look like they’re going to get worse, we’ll get your new boiler installation sorted swiftly and efficiently.

Increased energy bills

If you’ve noticed your energy bills are steadily increasing then it could be down to an inefficient boiler. As a heating system gets older it becomes less efficient therefore costing you more in the long-run. For instance, if you replace an old G-rated boiler with a modern A-rated model, according to the Energy Saving Trust, you’ll save around £320 a year on your gas bill. The easy way to check your boiler’s efficiency is to look at the rating on its ErP energy label.

Your new boiler installation

Thank you for reading this week’s post and we hope this has made things clearer. If any of these issues sound familiar then it could well be time to replace your boiler. To make things straightforward, at Direct Heating, we can provide a free home survey and quotation. We’re additionally here no matter the weather, ensuring you’re sorted in time for Christmas…

Five signs you need a new boiler installation

Five signs you need a new boiler installation

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