Bathroom Flooring | Our top 5 picks

Bathroom Flooring | Our top 5 picks

When choosing bathroom flooring, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. While factors such as cost and style are important, it’s crucial to make sure the flooring you love is also water resistant. Baths and showers mean a damp environment and quite often fluctuating temperatures so when it comes to the right bathroom flooring endurance is always key.

From practical vinyl to elegant finishes such as porcelain, stone and wood, step safely onto your bathroom flooring with this essential guide…

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

Classic ceramic and porcelain tiles are two popular flooring materials. Very much like stone but without the natural imperfections, this choice of tile comes in practically any shade you wish. Porcelain and ceramic can also be cold to the touch but extremely tough and hard-wearing. This, therefore, means that they both work well with cosy, underfloor heating.

Vinyl bathroom flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is one of the toughest bathroom options and in-demand by many homeowners. Known for imitating high-end flooring, LVT is also water resistant and much warmer underfoot than ceramic. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative, however, standard vinyl flooring will give you the desired look for less. It’s appeal additionally comes from a huge range of styles from wood to the more eccentric!

Wood-effect tiles

Real wood is generally not suitable for bathrooms, but luckily there’s a construction that is. Engineered wood flooring has a top layer of hardwood and can, therefore, withstand the environment. Coming in light or dark to suit your taste,  engineered wood flooring is also great for following trends. Much like porcelain or ceramic it even works well with luxury underflooring heating.

Stone bathroom flooring

Stone bathroom flooring suits a wide range of budgets and can look fabulous in any space. Naturally, stone is also moisture resistant and therefore, perfect for a bathroom remodel. Marble and slate are some luxurious options but this is often reflected in the price tag. It won’t let you down in terms of durability, however, nor for wowing your guests.

Patterned floor tiles

Statement tiles are still having their moment, especially in bathroom design. Whether Moroccan-inspired or hand-painted Spanish, this is flooring steeped in personality. Just remember, however, to consider the rest of your bathroom before committing to something exotic. The last thing you want is to get bored with your choice and be stuck with OTT.

Great bathroom flooring doesn’t just happen by chance. It quite often requires research, knowledge and sometimes, good old-fashioned experience. So if you’re looking for expert flooring advice for your bathroom then please get in touch. With a growing portfolio of home transformations in the Leeds and surrounding areas, we are confident you’ll achieve the bathroom of your dreams with Direct Heating Installations…

Bathroom Flooring | Our top 5 picks

Bathroom Flooring | Our top 5 picks

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