House Remodels Leeds | How to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst Renovating

House Remodels Leeds | How to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst Renovating

If you’re undertaking a major renovation, life is bound to get a little disruptive. Even so, it’s still important that you and your family feel safe and secure. Several weeks of dust and noise are both part of the deal but opportunists are absolutely not! Read on this week for our top tips to keep your home safe whilst renovating.

Use a Reputable Contractor

First and foremost, you should always ask friends or family for a builder referral. When it’s good word of mouth it’s likely that they are a reliable and trusted contact. If no one can recommend and you’re having to find a builder from a directory or other source, look to associations like Which to make sure they’re endorsed by an official body.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

With all renovations, you should contact your insurance provider to let them know that they are taking place. If your insurer is unable to cover any major remodels, you may even need specialist renovation insurance. It might cost you a bit and they may ask to see proof of your builder’s insurance but at least your property and belongings will be kept safe and covered by theft or fire.

Lock Up Valuables

Exposed walls are hazards for leaving valuables out in the open. Depending on the scale of the work there are a few options for securing these effectively. Consider keeping a safe that’s bolted down otherwise a burglar will just simply take it out. You could also consider renting storage or borrowing a garage at a friend or family members house.

Clear Away Tools Each Day

We’re all well aware of the chaos it causes when thieves try to burgle vans. Well, it’s the same for homes because nothing draws trouble than an empty building site with tools. Obviously, a good contractor will be aware of this and have their team clear up each day. Tools should either be taken away or stowed on-site in a locked and secure place.

Keep Your Property Well-Lit at Night

Opportunists tend to strike when a property is in the dark so a well-lit home will likely deter any wrongdoers on the prowl. Motion sensor lights and outdoor lighting will work alongside any other home security. They’re also great to have installed all year-round and not just for home improvement projects.

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Thank you for reading this week’s post on keeping your home safe whilst renovating. If you’re planning on doing some home remodelling in 2020, hopefully, this article has been a great help. At Direct Heating, we can help you with just this, from full home remodels to bathrooms and more. To discuss an upcoming project, please get in touch for safe and secure renovations. Thank you for reading.

House Remodels Leeds | How to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst Renovating
House Remodels Leeds | How to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst Renovating.

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