Leeds Plumber Advice; how to fix a running toilet

Leeds Plumber Advice; how to fix a running toilet

There’s nothing more frustrating than a continually flushing toilet and this week’s post tackles the issue. In most situations, it can be easy to fix, without calling a professional either. Knowing your ballcock from your flapper will also come in handy when dealing with WC worries so read on for some helpful Leeds plumber advice on fixing that running toilet…

Assess the problem

Start by examining your toilet, especially the handle as this can sometimes get stuck and be the cause of endless flushing. If the handle seems fine but the toilet is still running do a test flush with the cistern lid off. Just be careful, however, as these are ceramic and can be heavy to handle but running a test flush should help you see if there is anything obviously wrong.

Check the overflow tube and water level

The overflow tube is what diverts the water to the cistern when a toilet overflows. It should also sit just above water level and if not can result in problems. If the water level, however, is significantly below then your water valve may need adjusting. Simply turn up for a cistern that is verging on empty or down if there is too much water.

Check the ballcock and flapper

A ballcock is a mechanism for filling water tanks, one of which can be found in your toilet’s cistern. When the toilet is empty, it allows water in and when full shuts off the supply. When dealing with a running toilet check the connection between the ballcock and its valve. If you pull it up and then find that the water stops running this is likely where the issue is stemming from.

When a toilet is flushed, the flush is connected to a chain which lifts what is known as the ‘flapper’. The purpose of this is to allow a flow of water from the cistern into the toilet and once emptied, the flapper drops and stops any more. Problems can arise when the chain of the flapper is tangled or too tight. This can stop it from closing and cause a continuous refilling of the cistern and therefore, toilet.

Try flushing again

Now that we’ve covered some of the main toilet issues, leave the lid off and try flushing again. If after a few minutes no more water leaks into the bowl then congrats your toilet is fixed! If it does, however, this can be a sign of other, more complicated problems. Just remember to turn off the main water supply before attempting any repairs.

Call a reliable Leeds plumber

We sincerely hope this guide has helped if you’re battling a running toilet. If not you may need a second opinion from an expert and knowledgeable plumber. Covering the Leeds area we offer general plumbing and also stunning bathroom refurbs. So if that toilet can’t be fixed it can always be replaced by our team at Direct Heating. Thank you for reading.

Leeds Plumber Advice; how to fix a running toilet

Leeds Plumber Advice; how to fix a running toilet

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