Energy efficient boilers | Our guide to the best for 2019

Energy efficient boilers | Our guide to the best for 2019

The tree is down, the decs are away and as routine settles back in, our thoughts turn to home improvements for 2019. This year’s energy efficient boilers, for instance, feature some neat technological advances. So let’s take a look at the latest models and those that are worth investing in…

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i

The Greenstar i is Worcester Bosch’s best selling range of combis. Designed as a gas powered boiler with an LPG version available, if your home is small to medium, then this range is wholly suitable for you. For a small home with just 1 or 2 bedrooms, then we would recommend going for the 25kW model. A larger home, however, with up to 3 bedrooms would surely benefit from 30kW. It’s also worth knowing that at Direct Heating, we are a Worcester Bosch Gold Accredited Installer. So not only will you enjoy the satisfaction that comes with an energy efficient boiler, but you’ll also benefit from extended guarantees such as seven or even ten years.

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro

Another leading manufacturer of heating solutions in Europe, Vaillant began in Germany in 1874. They are another favourite amongst UK homeowners, along with Worcester Bosch, and are proud to be leading the way in renewable technologies. Vaillant’s ecoTEC Pro range comes in three different options of size so you will definitely find a boiler model that suits your individual home. As an example, Vaillant recommends that their 24kW boiler is best suited for a 1-3 bedroom home (also includes one bathroom). 28 or 30kW, however, would be needed for 2-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Ideal Logic+

Founded in 1906, Ideal have over 100 years of providing excellent quality boilers and their Logic+ model, in particular, has enjoyed rave reviews and awards. A Good Housekeeping Reader Recommendation, Ideal’s Logic+ is suitable for most households. It also has a great energy efficiency level of 94% and comes in the sizes 24, 30 and 35kW.

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

When it comes to advantageous heat generation, Viessmann offers various innovative technologies. Their 200-W boiler model to be specific definitely does not disappoint. With a whopping efficiency level of 98%, this model of boiler is also one of the quietest in the UK. It’s additionally compact at just 450mm wide and available in combi and system options. In monetary terms, the 98% efficiency means that for every £100 you spend on energy bills, this boiler wastes only £2. It additionally just misses out on being a commercial boiler and features some seriously high-tech tricks.

Energy efficient boilers from Direct Heating

If your current boiler is older than 15 years, it may only be running at 50-70% efficiency and this means that you could be wasting £30-£50 for every £100 spent on energy bills. It’s not all bad, however, according to the Energy Saving Trust who suggest switching to a modern, high-efficiency version. In doing so you could actually save yourself between £300 and £600 per year. If you like the idea of saving money on energy bills, simply speak with our heating team. From Viessmann to Ideal, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, at Direct Heating we will have the optimal model for you.

Energy efficient boilers | Our guide to the best for 2019

Energy efficient boilers | Our guide to the best for 2019

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