Smart Toilets | Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Smart Toilets | Here’s Everything You Need To Know

What are Smart Toilets?

Like something out of a sci-fi film, smart toilets are as the name suggests. A new type of toilet that combines technology to create a more comfortable and cleanly experience. There are also many different types on the market that offer lots of specialist functions so let’s explore these more in full for a unique WC experience.

Comfy Heated Seats

Wave goodbye to that nasty shock you get on a cold dark morning because with smart toilets you get heat technology – and a more pleasant visit.

Night Light Technology

You know what it’s like when you stir at night and try to find your way to the bathroom. First, you’re fumbling for the light and then waking up the whole house. So with a smart toilet, the great news is some even come with a night light. This means you’ll be guided with plenty of ease and get to head back to bed in no time.

Increased Bathroom Hygiene

One of the biggest selling points of smart toilets is the increase in bathroom hygiene because most models come with settings such as a no-touch toilet flush. As well as this helpful mode, there’s also remote control drying and most even have a deodoriser to keep your bathroom feeling fresh.

Smart Toilets Can Save You Energy

At Direct Heating, we’re all about saving on precious energy so smart toilets are a fantastic way of doing this very well. With automated cleaning, you won’t ever have to get your marigolds out again. There’s also a mode you can set to save energy when the gadget is not in use.

How Much Do They Cost?

Smart toilets start from around £1000 but they can reach in excess of £10,000. It will also depend on your brand of choice and the products high-tech capabilities. For instance, the Geberit AquaClean integrates with virtually any bathroom. Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent toilet, however, comes in at an eye-watering $8,000.

Smart Toilets for Bathroom Remodels

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about smart WC technology and if you’d like to weigh up the different options we’re more than happy to have a chat. Our diary is currently booking up for bathroom renovations this spring and summer so if you’d like to discuss a residential project we would love you to get in touch! Thank you for reading.

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Smart Toilets | Experience the Geberit AquaClean feeling.

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