What is a Heat Exchanger and Does it Need Replacing?

What is a Heat Exchanger and Does it Need Replacing?

The temperatures dropped, it’s freezing cold and the last thing you need is a boiler breakdown but if your systems playing up, have a read of this guide – god forbid it’s the heat exchanger! In this week’s post, we’ll explain this part, what it does and why it’s so key. We’ll then weigh up replacing the part versus the actual boiler, read on to find out more…

What is a Heat Exchanger?

The heat exchanger works in your boiler to transfer heat from gas to the water. Water essentially passes through the part, heating up as it goes before being distributed around your home and radiators. As water flows around the system it starts to cool down before returning to the part. As it enters the heat exchanger again, the water re-heats and the process continues on.

How to Check for a Faulty Heat Exchanger

If you have suspicions your heat exchanger is faulty you will need a gas engineer. As a homeowner, it’s not very easy to spot but problem boilers give other clues too. Generally, they’ll display an error code which is directly linked to the suspected problem. If your boiler also keeps cutting out due to low pressure, the chances are this is caused by a cracked heat exchanger.

How to Fix a Heat Exchanger

It’s unwelcome news when a heat exchanger has been deemed cracked or faulty. Unfortunately, it’s one of your boilers most expensive components and it’s not uncommon for them to fail in older models. If your boiler is new hopefully you’ll have your warranty still firmly in place. For an older version, however, here’s where you’ll want to sit down – it does not make sense to repair. Repairing the heat exchanger is an expensive pursuit, for both parts and also labour. So much so they’re rarely ever repaired, instead, a new boiler is recommended. The logic in this is that there’s no point spending so much on a declining model (anywhere between £500-600). It’s simply a false economy and your best option is to invest in a more up-to-date boiler.

Replace the Heat Exchanger or Boiler | What Happens Next?

Thank you for reading this week’s post which looks at the heat exchanger. If you’re concerned there’s a problem, please get in touch and a member of our team will inspect all parts. If the outcome is a cracked heat exchanger and a boiler that is creeping up to ten years old, the next best step is a brand new model – we promise you will thank yourself. To get your free quotation on a new boiler, please get in touch with our helpful team. We can also offer monthly repayments and up to 10-years warranty – life goes on after heat exchanger headaches!

Heat Exchanger
What is a Heat Exchanger and Does it Need Replacing?

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