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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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High quality boiler installations Leeds
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What is a Gas Safety Check?

What is a Landlord Gas Safety Check?

A gas safety check is essentially designed to inspect gas appliances. This includes boilers, cookers and domestic fires to ensure they are working safely. These annual checks can prevent gas leaks and stop carbon monoxide poisoning. They’re also recommended for homeowners but are required by law for landlords who have rental properties.

Who Needs a Gas Safety Check?

Any household with a gas appliance should have an annual gas safety check but if you’re a landlord you’re also required by law to ensure they take place yearly. This also includes bed and breakfast owners, holiday rentals, schools and colleges and evidence of checks must be provided in the form of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. Homeowners should also get gas appliances checked, flues and additionally pipework. Certain households are even entitled to free checks by a gas safe registered engineer.

What is a Gas Safe Registered engineer?

All gas safety checks must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Registered by Gas Safe, they’re officially the only people allowed to legally work on gas heating systems. A legitimate engineer will always carry with them, a badge with the Gas Safe logo. You can also check their credentials by calling direct 0800 408 5500 or by visiting the Gas Safe Register.

What Happens During a Gas Safety Check?

There are two different types of gas safety checks; Appliance and Gas Installation. During an Appliance Safety Check, your engineer will make sure all are working to the manufacturer’s instructions. They will also make sure any connected flues or chimneys are working properly and they’ll also check appliances are suitable for the room, correctly fitted and burning properly. A Gas Installation Safety Check includes all of the above plus more. Gas pipework is inspected then tested for leaks before the engineer can produce a report.

Book your Gas Safety Check with Direct Heating

If you’re a landlord you’re responsible for the wellbeing and safety of tenants in your rental properties. So you’re obliged to give evidence that appliances have been inspected by a Gas Safe engineer. It should, however, be highlighted that you’re only responsible for gas safety checks on appliances, pipework and flues that you have provided. So if a tenant has installed their own gas appliances you’re only responsible for the pipework and flue.

Landlords or homeowners can get booked in for an annual gas safety check with us here. And remember to never cut corners with gas – it just is not worth it. Thank you for reading.

Gas Safety Check Leeds
What is a Gas Safety Check?
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