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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
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High quality boiler installations Leeds
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No hot water? 5 things to check before calling a heating engineer

Now that the weather is starting to turn, there’s nothing worse than a situation of NO HOT WATER! Fear not, however, as with a little time and patience, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself. If you’re having hot water problems but your boiler is still working, here’s 5 things you can check before calling a heating engineer.

Check the boiler

When you first realise there is no hot water, take a look at your boilers electricity supply. To ensure the boiler is actually receiving power, check everything you can from the pressure gauge to even the backlight on the display. Another thing you could try is switching the electricity to your boiler off and then on again which will help to reset the appliance.

Check the thermostat

Sometimes when cold water comes out of the taps, it’s because the hot water thermostat is down or even off. It might seem obvious, but even the simplest of checks can avoid a call out from a heating engineer. By checking that the thermostat is high enough, you’ll potentially save on time and even money.

Check the timer

Again, a very simple check but one that can have your hot water back on in the time it takes to do. Sometimes timers can trip off their programme, particularly during power cuts or when the clocks change. During such events, it’s common for the system to go out of sync and adjusting the time can be an easy fix.

Check the pilot light

Your boiler should have a window in which you can see the pilot light. In general, it should be blue in colour but if the pilot light appears yellow or even orange this can be a sign of carbon monoxide. In potentially dangerous situations such as this, switch your boiler straight off and call your heating engineer.

Check the radiators

If you’re suffering from no hot water, another thing you could check is the radiators. Switch everything on and crank both your radiator and hot water temperature right to the top. Sometimes, this is enough to kick-start the hot water but if it isn’t, check for cold spots on the radiators. If they are completely cold, this could signify an issue with water flow and a Powerflush is potentially, just what you need. Why not read our earlier post on Powerflushing to learn more about this process.

Still no luck? Call your heating engineer Leeds 212 8077

We hope you have found this guide to be helpful but remember to only perform checks that are safe and minimum risk. For everything else, there’s our Gas Safe heating engineers who are qualified to fix any hot water issues. So if it isn’t the thermostat and it’s not the timer either, simply speak with our repairs team for a fast and effective response.

Speak with your heating engineer for a fast and effective response
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