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Leeds heating & plumbing
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Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
Leeds top quality Heating & Plumbing
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Providing central heating solutions throughout Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
High quality boiler installations Leeds
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Energy-Saving Tips For Over The Summer Season

Last summer was a sweltering one for much of the UK and it seems this year is just as hot with a few storms thrown in as well. So when the sun comes out, we all head outdoors and our home energy usage gets a little break. There are, however, plenty of other ways to save energy in the summer. From smart thermostats to solar power and LED fairy lights, here are some energy-saving tips to help save you money and make the most of the sunshine.

Get a Smart Meter…

Smart meters are a brilliant way to keep track of what you’re spending on energy. They also make cutting your bills relatively easy and automatically send readings to your energy supplier. What’s more, you can even set alerts and budgets to keep track of your current usage and if you get the family involved it’ll test their maths – maybe they’ll even compete to get the usage down.

… And an even Smarter Thermostat

Some smart thermostats are beyond clever and now able to look at the weather forecast. This means they’ll adapt your home temperature to suit what’s going on outside. So if the weather is hot, it’ll turn right down and automatically without a prompt which means that you can keep your curtains open and soak up free heat for your home.

Convert Sunlight into Energy

With Direct Heating’s Thermal Solar Installations you’ll be able to convert sunlight into energy. It’s a year-round solution, not just for summer and you can store hot water for when you need it. We use the Worcester Bosch Greenskies system to transform your home into an energy revolution. It’s also a versatile system that’s highly efficient and works as soon as the sun comes up.

Switch to LED Fairy Lights

Lighting up your garden for summer evenings doesn’t have to be expensive! Simply purchase LED or solar-powered bulbs for an ambience that doesn’t the cost the earth.

Insulate for Warm Weather

As daft as it sounds, good insulation can work wonders for your home in summer. This is both cavity wall and loft insulation which helps reduce heat gain through the ceiling. Because warm air won’t travel across the bar­rier, it will even work during a heatwave. In the winter, meanwhile, you’ll still be warm and your energy consumption will be reduced.

Have a Summer Boiler Installation

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a third of UK boilers are inefficient but if homeowners switched to a new model, it could save them £210 per year. A boiler swap in summer will also avoid any winter headaches – read our post to find out more on summer boiler installations. If you also use oil or LPG to heat your home as standard, consider swapping to a heat pump and save space in the garden. Please contact our team at Direct Heating to find out more on this.

Switch off and Unplug for Summer!

Thank you for reading this week’s post on energy-saving tips for summertime. One last thing that could spike bills is the 6 weeks holidays! When the kids are at home, gadgets are on like laptops or games consoles so keep their use to a minimum and instead why not think of some games to play outside? Appliances left on standby can also really drain electricity so switch them off and unplug for summer – it only happens once a year after all!

Energy-Saving Tips For Over The Summer Season.
Energy-Saving Tips For Over The Summer Season.
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